Health anxiety case study

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Case Studies

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Professor David Veale

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Bottom people with health anxiety have a concise-term or chronic health anxiety. Some physical health conditions, such as thyroid problems or heart arrhythmias, or caffeine or other substances/medications, can produce or aggravate anxiety symptoms; a physical health examination is helpful in the evaluation of a possible anxiety disorder.

Case Study 4 Martin is a 21 year-old business major at a large university. Over the past few weeks his family and friends have noticed increasingly bizarre behaviors.

Health Anxiety - A Case Study

A case study regarding Health Anxiety. Andrew had breast cancer two years ago and was successfully treated with surgery and chemotherapy.

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Despite being given the all clear by his specialist he worried extensively about his health. Treating anxiety with medication may be consistent with an Asian patient'sview that anxiety is a medical issue rather than a psychological one. Inaddition, adherence to a medical regimen hinges less on a good language matchbetween patient and physician than would be the case with a psychologicaltreatment program.

This information is taken from our book, Overcoming Health Anxiety published by Robinson. Health anxiety is a condition that consists of a preoccupation with having a serious illness or a fear of developing a serious illness despite medical reassurance. Find a Case Study. Every year, more and more employers recognize the importance of prioritizing their employees' mental health.

The Center for Workplace Mental Health connects with employers both large and small, across all industries, and provides a platform to share how they are addressing mental health within their own workforce.

Health anxiety case study
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