Mental health case studies uk

Mental health practice case studies (SELF project)

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Case studies

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This collection presents six case studies on the ethics of mental health research, written by scientific researchers and ethicists from around the world.

In June I was working as a mental health nurse in New Zealand. By July, I was doped up on medication at my parent’s home in Lancashire with a new diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Mental health; Case studies; Case studies Driving up quality in mental health care.

Mental health care across the NHS in England is changing to improve the experiences of the people who use them. In many areas, a transformation is already under way, offering people better and earlier access as well as more personalised care, whilst building.

Case Studies

Published: Mon, 22 Jan Introduction. Mental health nursing is a complex healthcare practice, because it aims to meet the needs of clients with mental health needs, which are usually also complex and require more than a single therapeutic approach.

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Mental health practice case studies filmed as part of the Online Assessment Workbook.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Information Service (MHIS)

Each film presents a case study of a difficult mental health situation which practitioners may come across as part of their practice. Examples include listening skills; confidentiality; social isolation and bereavement.


Filmed by the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health.

Mental health case studies uk
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Introduction: Case Studies in the Ethics of Mental Health Research