Mobile phones cause health problems essay

Mobile Phones Health Hazards, Risks and Dangers

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The mobile appears are used by teenagers at a little scale. Recent studies report two types of brain cancer may occur – glioma and acoustic neuroma. Apart from cancer risk, mobile phones influence our nervous system with these electromagnetic impulses. Mainly among teenagers, cell phones can cause headaches, decreased attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders, and depression.

As billions of people use mobile phones globally, a small increase in the incidence of adverse effects on health could have major public health implications on long term basis.

Besides the number of cell phone calls per day, the length of each call and the amount of time people use cell phones are important factors which enhance the health.

Cellular Phones. Cellular (cell) phones first became widely available in the United States in the s, but their use has increased dramatically since then. Do cell phones cause any other health problems? It is not clear at this time that RF waves from cell phones cause harmful health effects in people, but studies now being done.

Studies looking at cell phone radiation exposure and tumors and other health problems show mixed results, including: Swedish researchers found a higher risk for tumors on the side of the head where the cell phone was held, particularly with 10 or more years of use.

Scientists disagree on the effects of using mobile phones, some researchers suggest that mobile phones should come with a Government health warning but government officials from the Defence, Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) have advised the public “not to be alarmed by reports that mobile phones cause health problems” they stated that.

Public concerns about the possible health effects of mobile phone usage receive a lot of attention. With so many people using cell phones, it’s easy to see why. The International Telecommunication Union reported nearly 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions at the end of

Mobile phones cause health problems essay
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